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Frequently asked questions


How long does the shipping take?
Depending on where you live in the EU, shipping takes between two and three days.
Where do we ship to and what does it cost?
We ship to countries within the European Union and Switzerland, shipment is free. For Switzerland, the customs fee has to be paid by the customer.

Questions about the product

Can I order the glasses with my prescription lenses?
FAUNA offers glasses with blue-light filter lenses and sun lenses. Your optician can exchange the lenses and put in your prescription or any other lenses. To learn more, read our user guide or check our instructions for opticians.
Can I try these frames virtually?
Yes! We have augmented reality filters on our Instagram page. You can use your selfie camera to try them on virtually. @wearfauna
Can people around me hear the sound?
FAUNA uses directional audio to project sound straight to your ear canals, so that only you hear it. That being said, like other audio products, at high volumes in quiet environments it is possible for the audio to be heard by those around you. We recommend setting the volume to 60-75% on your phone indoors to be able to listen to your music without distracting those around you.
Do the glasses work with my smartphone?
Yes, it works with all common smartphones. For iOS users, that means iPhone 5 or higher with iOS 10 or higher; for Android users, that means most Android devices with Android 6.0 or higher.

Android Trouble Shooting

1. If calls are not routed to FAUNA

1a. During the call: manually select FAUNA in the call interface on the phone

1b. Check App permission settings:

  • Grant permission for Files and Media, Location, Microphone
  • If available: turn on access to “nearby devices”
  • Disable “Remove permissions if app isn’t used”
  • If all permissions are already granted: revoke permissions and re-grant them again

2. Accept call (touch) changes audio routing back to phone

Audio routing can be switched back to FAUNA via the call interface on the phone

3. Voice/video calls can not be taken via the touch pad (OnePlus):

iOS Trouble Shooting

1. If calls are not routed to FAUNA

1a. Change audio route setting to Bluetooth Headset. Go to “Settings” -> “Call Audio Routing”

-> choose “Bluetooth Headset” (

1b. Check App permission settings (Settings -> Privacy)

-> Grant App permission to Contacts, Microphone, Camera, Location

2. If ringtones can not be heard

Activate the “announce calls” feature: Open settings -> Phone -> Announce Calls -> select “Headphones Only” (

User guides

Full User Guide

For opticians

Instructions for opticians

Instructions for Opticians

FAUNA is suitable for prescription lenses.
FAUNA contains electronics. Please follow these instructions to avoid any damage.

Lense exchange and frame adjustment

  • The front and the tips of the glasses are made from acetate and can be heated and formed to exchange the lenses and to fit different head shapes.
  • Only heat up the front and the tips – see the visual in the pdf. The acetate can be heated up to 80 degrees and the lenses up to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Remove temples to put the front in a scanning machine for measurements.


  • Make sure the glasses still fit in the charging case after adjustment. Do not impede the contact between the contact pads on the temples and the contact pins in the case so the glasses can still be charged.
  • Don’t adjust with pliers. The glasses could be damaged.


  • FAUNA is water-resistant but not waterproof. Do not put it under running water.
  • Ultra-sonic cleaning: Please remove temples beforehand. Only the acetate front can be cleaned.

Downloadable .pdf with illustrations

Return policy

You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without justification. This period expires 14 days after the day you received your goods.

Please contact our customer service for returns.

Important: Always return both glasses and case together.

If the battery is damaged please bring it to your local recycling center. Please make sure to get confirmation otherwise we can not exchange your broken device within the warranty period.

Learn more about our warranty here >

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