Your Fauna eyewear is covered by a warranty from Fauna Audio GmbH. The warranty period is two years upon delivery of the product. Please review our legal terms of trade here.

For any warranty claims, please fill out the form below and send it signed to support@wearfauna.com. We will review your request to check whether you are eligible for a product replacement or refund.


Important notes

If you are eligible for a product replacement or refund, please be aware that you must send back your Fauna glasses together with the charging case.

If you have reason to suspect that your glasses’ or charging case’s battery is damaged, please do not return the glasses to us but bring them to your nearest recycling center. We are able to process your warranty request nonetheless if you provide us with a confirmation from the recycling center that you’ve discarded your glasses there.

Please don’t forget so send us a purchase confirmation (invoice, receipt) with the signed form.

Fauna warranty form

Dangerous goods shipping label

Please download, print, cut out and add to the return package.