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Fauna comes with exchangable Zeiss lenses

Your Fauna Audio Glasses are equipped with high-quality Zeiss lenses as our standard lenses. Learn more about the different types of lenses here.

Fauna Bluetooth glasses with blue light filter lenses. Music glasses for every day.

The best for your eyes.

We not only want the best for your mind and ears, but also the best for your eyes. That's why we use Zeiss DuraVision® BlueProtect lenses in our Memor and Levia frames; and Carl Zeiss Vision sun lenses in our Spiro and Fabula frames.

No compromise in clarity of vision

The Zeiss lenses in our Fauna audio frames are light-weight, high-quality and durable. They are BPA free, offer more than 99% protection from UVA/UVB rays as well as clear vision without distortion while being 50% lighter than mineral glass.

Perfect for working in front of a screen

Do your eyes get tired after hours of working in front of a computer screen? Fauna's models Memor and Levia give your eyes a break, as they come with Zeiss DuraVision® BlueProtect. Learn more about blue light and how blue light filter lenses here >

Fauna Audio Glasses with Zeiss blue light filter lenses. Fauna Audio Glasses with Zeiss sunglasses lenses.

Want to customize your lenses? No problem. Your optician can help you.

Show your optician or optometrist the guide for opticians delivered with your Fauna Audio Glasses or download it here. They will provide you with a quotation for your individualized lenses.

Fauna has also teamed up with Mister Spex as our official lense exchange partner. Learn more about how that makes lense exchange even easier here >

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