How to pair your Fauna Audio Glasses

Connecting your Fauna audio glasses is easy:

  1. Check whether your glasses are fully charged by putting them into the charging case.
  2. Close the lid and open it again.
  3. Press Fauna against the charging pins of the case, make sure the LED “glasses status” is on, you will hear the message “Fauna is on, Fauna is pairing”.
  4. Then activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and search for Fauna. 
  5. The connection is confirmed with “Great, Fauna is connected.” 
  6. If you hear “Please try pairing again”, repeat the procedure. Fauna connects automatically with the last host device. If that does not work, try force pairing. See below

Watch this clip to see how it works:

How to change the host of your FAUNA Audio Glasses

  1. Your FAUNA glasses are connected to your phone via Bluetooth.
  2. To connect to your PC, tap the right temple for 4 seconds to re-pair the glasses.
  3. Go to your Bluetooth settings and connect your FAUNA to your PC.
  4. Great, FAUNA is connected.

Watch this clip to see how it works:

FAUNA is not visible on my Bluetooth® device - Force pairing

In case your glasses are not visible as Bluetooth® device in the list of your host device, please use force pairing:

Tap and hold for 4 seconds on the right temple, then connect the host device to Fauna via Bluetooth.

Please note that force pairing can not be used once Fauna is in deep-sleep mode.

To wake Fauna up, place it into the charging case, and after closing and opening the case Fauna is ready to connect again.

Note: If a FAUNA has already been paired and you pair a new one, it appears at the bottom of the pairing list. Scroll down and press on "FAUNA" at the bottom.

Watch this clip to see how it works:

How to make both temples work

If only one temple works, the solution is easy. Charge your case and glasses completely.

If you’ve already done that, try to restart your Fauna:

  1. Make sure your Fauna is not connected to your phone. Tap 4 times on touchpads on each temple one after another. Wait for the acoustic signal, a double “beep”
  2. Put your glasses back into the charging case.
  3. Press your Fauna onto the charging pins. Attention: the “glasses status” LED in the middle of the case should light up once.
  4. Close the lid. Check whether the left and right outermost LEDs light up. These indicate that both temples are in contact with the charging pins and are being charged correctly.
  5. Open the case again. Press the glasses down so that the “glasses status” LED lights up. This will put your glasses back into operation.

Watch this clip to see how it works:

My FAUNA Audio Glasses are not charging

If only 1 LED flashes when you put the glasses in the case, try this:

Put the Fauna cleaning cloth on top of your Fauna in the charging case. This will increase the pressure on the contact pins when closing the lid.

Watch this clip to see how it works:

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