Eyes on the future, ears to the world


Our story

What’s the idea behind FAUNA? Natural hearing without blocking the auditory canal. To achieve this, we count on technology that makes it possible to build the tiniest of loudspeakers: MEMS - microelectromechanical systems. This brings us to the beginning of our story: to our parent company USound - a fast growing B2B company that uses this technology to develop and produce the most advanced audio systems for personal use. It is based in Graz and Vienna and employs around 80 people. 


Stepping into the consumer market

FAUNA emerged from a client project that was put on hold. We saw what we had already achieved and spotted the great potential in it. We decided to continue the journey on our own. Because we wanted to show the world the opportunities that our innovation could potentially provide. And learn something about the consumer market along the way. We founded FAUNA and that’s where it all began.


New sound design

The development of our audio glasses fell right in the middle of the Covid crisis. Nevertheless, we managed to launch glasses that make everyday life easier thanks to open-ear and hands-free technology. And they even sport an attractive design. USound MEMS technology makes it possible. It's hidden in the temples and lets us listen to music and podcasts or make phone calls in a completely new way.


Comfort and advantages

We are working together with Zeiss for our blue light filter and sun lenses. This makes FAUNA eyewear not only a lifestyle product, but also a solution for working from home or for busy people. For example, for our CEO Ferruccio Bottoni. He spends a lot of time on video conference calls and says: "FAUNA eyewear is easy on my eyes thanks to the integrated blue light filter. My ears don't get tired or hot either. I can work with it for up to twelve hours without it bothering me."


Is FAUNA a success? Absolutely! 

Today, FAUNA Audio Glasses are sold worldwide. They inspire many active people who listen to audio content and want to experience the world around them at the same time. People who want to be open to conversations and phone calls. And who place particular value on quality and well-being. Which group do you belong to?