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Read about Fauna audio glasses and everything related.

Why Fauna, Ferruccio? A brief interview with Fauna’s CEO.

Learn what Fauna CEO has to say about features, challenges and the future of Fauna Audio Glasses.

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#staycreative – tips for working from home

As we are slowly going back to a "new normal", many companies introduce more frequent home office days. We have collected some tips to #staycreative, even if you're home alone.

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Testing Fauna smart glasses – with the team

We wouldn't want to sell you something that we're not 100% behind. Read more to learn about the testing processes that make Fauna the best audio glasses yet.

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What’s in the Fauna audio glasses package?

5 things to help you enjoy your smart glasses even more.

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Tell us about the design of Fauna audio glasses, Valeriya

Valeriya is Fauna's energetic and persistent product manager. Read what she has to say about product design and development.

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8 reasons how audio glasses will make your life easier

Audio glasses - glasses that have an audio module in the temples - are a fashion accessory that supports you in every situation.

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