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Levia Black

incl. charging case

Fusing technology and fashion: Revolutionary audio glasses in a lightweight design with powerful micro speakers. Fauna model Levia Black produces vivid sound for your favourite music, your phone calls and voice assistants. It’s the ideal companion for a busy life on the go - or just sitting behind a screen. Enjoy your soundscape privately and safely while staying open to the environment with multi-layer sound.
Fauna Quick User Guide

Hear the

Make phone calls and use your voice assistant with Fauna audio glasses.
Looks like glasses,<br />
sounds like WOW!

Looks like glasses,
sounds like WOW!

Enjoy life with the comforts of Bluetooth glasses with speakers. Model: Levia Black.

Open ears,
open mind.

Fauna audio glasses let you listen to music via Bluetooth connection

Functions and Features

Fauna music glasses. Smart glasses for your music. Listen to music

Crystal clear, vivid sound with a total of 4 loudspeakers integrated into the temples.

Fauna audio glasses for phone calls Hands- and ears-free phone calls

Enjoy your phone calls and record voice messages with your Fauna glasses - hands-free and ears-free.

Fauna Bluetooth glasses connect to your smartphone Bluetooth 5.0

The safest and most energy-saving Bluetooth technology yet with up to 10 metres range.

Fauna glasses have interchangeable lenses Interchangeable glasses

Take your Fauna to any optician to change the lenses to your prescription lenses.

Fauna audio glasses for interacting with your voice assistant Audio assistant

Use your smartphone's audio assistant comfortably with your Fauna audio eyewear.

Fauna smart glasses let you interact with your voice assistant Touch control

Intuitive and comfortable touch control via two touchpads on the sides of each temple.

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