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The best headphones are not headphones at all

We've redefined the portable audio device. Introducing: Fauna audio glasses.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Might sound strange, but it is true.

Headphones are a great invention and have accompanied us for many years. The best ones are the ones that you don’t feel nor see, but that still produce high-quality sound. At the same time, however, they should not damage your hearing (e.g. by sitting too close to the eardrum) or become painful due to excessive pressure (which could happen with over-the-ear headphones).

That is not a simple task for headphones, especially because we use them in a variety of situations: while in the office, commuting, for conference calls etc.

That is why we are presenting a new generation of portable audio devices: audio glasses.

Audio glasses: a wearable for every day

The “audio glasses” concept is not new – there have already been several attempts of making this wearable suitable for everyday use. So far, however, they have all failed because the speakers that had to be built in to provide the right sound quality were too large – which made the glasses bulky and uncomfortable. All in all, the glasses no longer looked like glasses, but like a gadget. Not a good alternative to headphones!

Thanks to the microsound technology in the Fauna audio glasses, we managed to create audio glasses that produce a crystal-clear sound while still remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear. This is a serious competition for headphones: not only do they possess all the technological advances, but they are also a fashion accessory.

Other advantages of audio glasses

  • No fiddling with cables or impractical headphones
  • No more uncomfortable earplugs that keep falling out
  • You can always wear them as they also allow you to hear your surroundings
  • They protect your ears and your eyes, thanks to the sun lenses or blue-light filter lenses they come with
  • Crystal clear sound quality for music and speech – anytime and anywhere
  • Privacy is preserved thanks to beamforming

Sometimes you want to deliberately isolate yourself from your environment, and that’s okay. But for all those other moments, you have Fauna audio glasses.

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