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8 reasons how audio glasses will make your life easier

Audio glasses - glasses that have an audio module in the temples - are a fashion accessory that supports you in every situation.

Imagine having a little helper that supports you throughout your daily routine. It plays your favourite music to keep you happy, reminds you of the appointments you marked in your calendar and makes sure you don’t forget to drink enough water and do your exercise. We know what you’re thinking: “I can also use my smartphone for all of that”,right? But wouldn’t it be nice to not have to look at your screen all the time? What if this little helper could seamlessly integrate into your life without distracting you from the important things?

Audio glasses – glasses that have an audio module in the temples – are a fashion accessory that supports you in every situation.

Here are 8 reasons how audio glasses can make your life easier:

1. They keep your hands free.

Whether you’re cooking, writing your to-do list or pushing a stroller, your hands are free to do the things you love. There are also no cables that can get tangled, nor are they like wireless headphones that fall out of your ears. Fauna sits safely and comfortably on your nose, even when you are moving.

Musikhören beim Laufen und Joggen mit der Fauna Audio-Brille.

2. They keep your ears open.

The problem with headphones is that they isolate us from our environment. Not only do audio glasses keep your ears open for inspiration from your surroundings, they also free you from uncomfortable earplugs. Nonetheless, they produce a crystal clear sound that goes straight into your ears – without anyone around you hearing it.

3. They enhance your safety.

Don’t overhear a fast-approaching car or any other dangers that you might encounter during your walk: The advantage of audio glasses is that, in addition to your music, you can also hear the ambient noise – that way you also won’t miss when someone greets you from across the street.

4. They protect your eyes.

We want the best for your ears – and the best for your eyes. That is why we have built high-quality Zeiss lenses into our frames that protect your eyes from either sunlight or blue light. The latter particularly affects all of us who work on the computer or use our smartphones a lot.

5. They allow you to work more efficiently.

Are you familiar with the feeling of overwhelming stress for having to do ten tasks at the same time? Who isn’t, right? It is important in these situations to remember to step away for a second and relax. Audio glasses can help you with this: they play you the right music and send you small, subtle reminders to take regular breaks from the screen. All of this makes your work more efficient while keeping you healthy at the same time.
Bonus: By not being isolated from the environment, you remain receptive to the questions of your colleagues.

6. They are not just a gadget, they fit your lifestyle.

Anyone you meet on the street will not immediately notice that you are wearing a high-tech wearable. What your fellow human beings see are fashionable, elegant glasses that flatter your face. And they feel just as pleasant, being lightweight and made of natural, skin-friendly acetate.

7. They come with a charging case that works as a power bank.

Wondering how you would charge your glasses? You do not need a power connection, because they come with a charging case that also works as a power bank, which allows you to charge them several times. So feel free to rent out that cabin that has no electricity over the weekend.

8. You can personalize your glasses with the Fauna app.

You are a unique individual, and your glasses should be too. With the associated app you can design the audio messages of your glasses exactly as you want them. Your glasses – your life.

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