Bluetooth Audio Glasses & Sunglasses - listen to music.

Designer audio glasses with speakers

Looks like glasses, sounds like WOW: Fauna plays your music with crystal clear and vivid audio. Make your daily life sound as good as never before.

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Fauna audio glasses - smart glasses in four styles. Music glasses with Bluetooth connection.

Take your calls with just one touch with your smart glasses.

Use touch control to conveniently take and place your phone calls - without occluding your ears.

Fauna Audio Eyewear Take Calls DSF4565

Ready for any prescription or tinted lenses you want.

Fauna comes with standard bluelight filter lenses (models Memor, Levia) and tinted lenses (models Spiro, Fabula). However, your optician or optometrist can retrofit whichever lenses you want into your smart glasses.

Fauna Audio Eyewear Enjoy Music DSF4424

Comfortable charging on the go.

Fauna Audio Glasses come complete with a stylish charging case that recharges your glasses up to four times. Your glasses' batteries will last for up to 20 hours in stand-by mode or up to 4 hours with continuous audio streaming.

Fauna Audio Eyewear Assistant Dark DSF4305

Experience freedom like never before.

Designed with a focus on daily wearing comfort and maximum audio quality. And of course, the standard lenses can be exchanged for your prescription lenses.

Make phone calls and use your voice assistant with Fauna audio glasses.

Pair your Fauna audio frames with your Bluetooth device and experience a new way of communicating.
Model: Levia Black

Listen to music and hear your breath while running with Fauna sunglasses with speakers.

Hear your surroundings while running and enjoying the crystal clear sound from your Fauna Audio Glasses.
Model: Fabula Crystal Brown

Fauna audio glasses with touchpads for meditation.

Meditate with music or meditation apps without sealing off your ears from your surroundings.
Model: Spiro Transparent Brown

Fauna music glasses with Bluetooth connect to your smartphone with just one touch.

Your perfect companion on the go or at work: Take and place calls with your colleagues, ears-free and hands-free.
Model: Memor Havana

Listen to podcasts with Fauna audio glasses.

Made from high-quality acetate, the audio glasses complement your style and can be fitted with your prescription lenses.
Model: Levia Black

as seen in:

Smart glasses that look great and sound awesome: Crystal clear sound quality in four frame designs.

Memor Havana

incl. Charging Case

Audio frames in en-vogue Havana design and blue light filter lenses for a brilliant first impression and crystal clear sound. Learn more

Levia Black

incl. Charging Case

Feminine cat eye audio glasses with blue light filter lenses as a trendy accessory for every day. Learn more

Spiro Transparent Brown

incl. Charging Case

Sunglasses with speakers with transparent frames. Suits almost all face shapes and makes you shine. Learn more

Fabula Crystal Brown

incl. Charging Case

Cat eye sunglasses with speakers with semi-transparent frames - your fashion statement. Learn more

Functions and Features

icon round music Listen to music

Enjoy crystal-clear, vivid sound up to 4 hours continuously.

Fauna audio glasses for phone calls Hands- and ears-free phone calls

Enjoy your phone calls and record voice messages with your Fauna glasses.

Fauna Bluetooth glasses connect to your smartphone Bluetooth 5.0

The safest and most energy-saving Bluetooth technology yet with up to 10 metres range.

Fauna glasses have interchangeable lenses Interchangeable glasses

Take your Fauna to any optician to change the lenses to your prescription lenses.

Fauna is splashproof and dust resistant. Water resistant

Fauna is resistant to water droplets - so go singing in the rain with it or take it for a run.

Fauna smart glasses let you interact with your voice assistant Touch control

Intuitive and comfortable touch control via touchpads on the sides of each temple.

When you buy Fauna audio glasses, you'll get

Fauna audio glasses with speakers, touchpad, microphones. High-end, water-resistant audio glasses made of high-quality materials with a 2-way sound system for crystal clear sound. Adjustable temple length for perfect fit.
Fauna Closed Front copy Charging case with integrated power bank for up to 4 Fauna eyewear charging cycles.
Fauna audio glasses with loudspeakers cleaning cloth and USB-C cable. Cleaning cloth and USB-C cable for charging.

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