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What’s in the Fauna audio glasses package?

5 things to help you enjoy your smart glasses even more.

We’re getting closer to the shipment of the glasses and we are extremely excited! So today, we thought we’d show you a sneak peek of what your Fauna package is going to look like and what it contains. Check out the video first:

Now, in writing: Here’s the five things you’ll get in your Fauna package:

1. Of course, the glasses
Beautifully designed frames made from Italian acetate, lightweight and comfortable. AND they play crystal clear sound. Need we say more?

2. The charging case
Take your audio glasses with you anywhere in this robust case. It will charge your glasses when you’re not wearing them – four to five times!

3. A brightly coloured USB-C cable
This brightly coloured USB-C cable charges your charging case and will surely not get lost on your desk or in your bag.

4. A cleaning cloth
Dirty lenses are so annoying! Use this microfibre cleaning to see clearly again and make your frames shine.

5. Instructions for you and your optician
Last but certainly not least: Instructions on how to use the glasses and clean them. And in case you need prescription lenses in your audio eyewear, we include a guide for your optician on how to work with our audio glasses.

Fauna Levia with packaging contents

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