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Testing Fauna smart glasses – with the team

We wouldn't want to sell you something that we're not 100% behind. Read more to learn about the testing processes that make Fauna the best audio glasses yet.

When you’re launching a new product you want it to be awesome with the best user experience yet. That’s not easy, we have to admit, as it requires constant evaluation, thorough testing and exposing yourself to the naked truth if something doesn’t work as expected.

That’s why we took a lot of time to beta test our Fauna audio glasses internally as we are definitely our own harshest critics.

Feedback at every stage

Whether we were working with the first 3D-printed prototype to test different shapes, functional engineering prototypes or the more mature design prototypes, everyone at Fauna would get a go at wearing, pairing and using them. The goal: To get as much insight on usage comfort and performance as possible.

Our product manager superheroine Valeriya would then collect the inputs, think about solutions with the engineering team and put everything into tasks.

These feedback loops uncovered some essential flaws of the first prototypes such as this memorable office scare: The tester wore the glasses and left the office without the connected phone. When the glasses were out of Bluetooth reach and the connection was interrupted, the music didn’t pause as expected but blasted loudly out of the phone’s built-in speakers. Naturally, that led to a little, unintended co-worker jump scare. A small flaw, but essential for the user experience.

Improving our smart glasses’ user experience

Of course, we are conducting all necessary certification tests, safety tests etc. But user experience was – and is – a great part of our ongoing development process. The people testing the glasses have thoroughly explored the situations in which Fauna proves to be an awesome companion. Sports, cooking, and commuting are just a few examples that our team have brought up and have tested the glasses in.

Check out what two of our team members have to say about their test experiences:

Curious to try out Fauna audio glasses yourself? Good news! We’ll be shipping in early summer – and you’ll also find them in selected walk-in locations.

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