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Multi-layer sound? 5 experiences you won’t want to miss out on.

A totally new, multidimensional listening experience: natural, crystal-clear and full of details.

Multi-layer sound means that the ambient noise and the sound that comes from your glasses are overlapping. This gives you a whole new, multi-dimensional listening experience of a sound that is natural, crystal clear and rich in details.

These are the 5 experiences you won’t want to miss out on anymore:

  1. Listen to music during your morning run, but also the crunching of the leaves under your feet. Hear the beat of the song that motivates you, and the sounds of nature that inspire you.

    Listen to music when running or jogging with your Fauna audio glasses.

  2. Meditate in the open air with your meditation app and the singing of the birds combined. Notice the wind and the rustling of the leaves while you breathe to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

    Fauna audio glasses with touchpads for meditation and yoga.

  3. Listen to the latest episode of your favourite podcast accompanied by the pleasant rustling of the café in the background. Enjoy the crystal clear sound that blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

    Listen to podcasts with your audio glasses.

  4. Don’t miss any more questions from colleagues when you listen to your lo-fi beats for concentration in the office. Stay open to ideas from your environment while keeping your hands and ears free.

    Telephone calls and audio assistant - use them comfortably with Fauna audio glasses.

  5. Take a relaxing walk with your dog, but at the same time stay safe by listening and paying attention to the traffic. Operate your voice assistant without missing out on what’s going on around you.

    Fauna audio glasses for music on the go.

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