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Here's how it works:

How do I order to get my prescription lenses?
Go to the website of Mister Spex and order your Fauna frames with your desired prescription lenses. Or, if you already own Fauna Audio Glasses, choose your desired lenses in the Mister Spex shop. Send your Fauna eyewear for free to Mister Spex. The expert opticians working at Mister Spex will do the rest and you'll get your glasses back, no extra delivery costs charged.
How much does it cost to get individual lenses in my Fauna glasses?
Depending on what type of glasses you want to order, prices for your individual lenses start at 49,95 EUR. Check out the Mister Spex website for more info.
How long does it take for my glasses to arrive?
It takes between 5-13 days for your glasses to come back with your brand-new prescription lenses.